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Ceramic Soap + Graphene 16 oz.

Engineered to provide the best protection of any soap on the market!
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Ceramic Soap + Graphene 16 oz.
Product Details

Ceramic Soap + Graphene is engineered to provide the best protection of any soap on the market! This product contains a property blend of Sio2 emulations, graphene dispersion & premium surfactants that provide the ability to protect & shine to your vehicle's surface. While results may vary depending on climate & milage, this can last from 6 months to a year!

Uses: Exterior

Safe On:
✔ Exterior Paint Surfaces
✔ Exterior Trim
✔ Exterior Glass
✔ Headlights

About Graphene:
Graphene is a game-changing carbon-based molecule that can effectively bind to and fortify surfaces when functionalized. Molecule structure results in improved contact angle, gloss, scratch resistances, UV resistance, and a reduction in water spotting.

About Sio2:
Advanced Sio2 technology delivers ceramic soap protection.
More Than Soap: protection and durability beyond conventional soaps.
Water Beading Protection: ceramic soap protection with extreme water beading action.
Foam canon or bucket application.


1. Prep the Vehicle: Ensure the vehicle's surface is relatively clean from dust, light dirt, or debris.

2. Test Spot: Before using the ceramic soap on the entire vehicle, perform a small test spot on an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility and satisfaction with the results.

3. Dispense and Wash: Squeeze a small amount of the ceramic soap onto a wash mitt or Into a Foam Cannon. Start washing one section of the vehicle at a time, working your way from top to bottom.

4. Rinse Frequently: Rinse the wash mitt frequently in a separate bucket of clean water to avoid reintroducing dirt to the soap solution.

5. Rinse the Vehicle: After washing each section, thoroughly rinse the vehicle with water to remove soap and dirt.

6. Dry: Use a clean, soft microfiber towel to dry the vehicle's surface.