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Detailing Towel 1100gsm 16" x16"

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Detailing Towel 1100gsm 16" x16"
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Detailing Towel 1100gsm 16 in. x 16 in (Pack of 1)

RINSELESS WASH MAGIC - These towels work great for rinseless car wash techniques. The plush fibers hold a lot of solution and provide plenty cushion to prevent unwanted scratching. We suggest folding the towel twice to 1/4 size and rotating to clean sides as you wash.

HUGE PLUSHNESS – We knit these towels on a special blanket manufacturing machine. To get the extreme high pile and long fibers we sew together two one-sided towels. The high pile microfiber pulls away dust, dirt and grime from your paint surface.

INTERIOR SEWN EDGES – All four edges are sewn inside the dual layer towel. Only high pile microfiber will touch your paint surface. No rough edges that can scratch.

HEAVY WEIGHT – Are you looking for the thickest and heaviest plush towel for your detailing projects? You found it here!